I just installed OS X Mavericks on my Mac.

Now I'm trying to install Fink via the instructions here

I have gone up to this line command:


But after that I am not able to run this line command:


... because there is no bin directory under sw.

Is it perhaps because of Mavericks (the instructions have not been updated for Mavericks because it is so new).

What can I do to fix it? (Paging Fink experts.)


You didn't specify the version of fink you are using, but according to the Fink Announcement mailing list

Note: be advised that fink-0.35.2 does NOT work for OS 10.9. If you are testing on 10.9 prior to the official release date, you will want to grab an archive from https://github.com/fink/fink/tree/Futureproof2

And in the Fink Beginners mailing list

We've added support for 10.9 into the master branch of the github repository (https://github.com/fink/fink). Folks that were using the "Futureproof2" feature branch may want to update their git checkouts appropriately to pick up changes that get made after the merge and before we do a release.

Some other notes:

  1. There is no 10.9 support in any released fink, version 0.35.2 or earlier. (The first 10.9 support release version will probably be 0.36.0)
  2. There is going to be no supported upgrade path from any earlier OS X. The document /sw/share/doc/fink/INSTALL has information about how to capture your list of installed packages.


On October 31st, fink 0.36.0 was released which does support OS X 10.9.

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