I'm developing my first App for the App Store, and I'll soon be submitting it. However I need to release it on a specific day for promotional reasons. Since I've never been through the process before, can you tell me if it is possible to set a "release after X" date when submitting the app?

In other words, will my app be automatically "released" as soon as it is approved?

I've found this question dealing with updates, hoping for an answer specific to a whole new app.

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You can set the release date through iTunes Connect.

The App Distribution Guide in the iOS Developer Documentation has a page titled Managing Your App in iTunes Connect, where the section Changing the Availability Date of Your App states:

Use iTunes Connect to set a date when the app is available on the store. For example, you can choose a date that immediately releases the app to the store after it’s approved, or you can set a later date. Using a later availability date allows you to arrange other marketing activities around the launch of your app.

  1. Sign in to iTunes Connect.

  2. Select Manage Your Apps.

  3. Select your app in the Recent Activity section.

  4. Click Rights and Pricing.

  5. Choose a date from the Availability Date pop-up menus.

  6. Optionally, edit the other fields in this form.

  7. Click Save.

Changes you make to Rights and Pricing go live immediately (expect 24 hours for a full refresh of the changes on the store).

Read the App Distribution Guide for more information on managing your app on the App Store.

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