Are there any methods for combining multiple Word documents into one big document in Mac?


Insert > File. You have to do it one at a time, but it appears to work.

  • In 2020, just drag&drop files to the Word window.
    – esmirnov
    Mar 27 '20 at 12:07

Use Automator. It has a "Combine Word Documents" option as one of its premade Document Library items.


In MS Word 2011 for Mac, no, there is no method for combining MULTIPLE files into one big document at the same time. You can, however, combine the files one at a time. Here's what you do: Click INSERT / FILE, and follow the prompts to insert one file at a time.


In Word 15.40 (Office 2016 Mac), I've successfully merged multiple files into one with this process:

  1. Open a new document and use the View menu > Master Document option.
  2. Open up a Finder window to the directory containing your files
  3. Click and drag files into the new document. This should copy the contents into the master document.

The Automator approach should work, but returns an error.

I found a workaround: Nisus, another word processor for the mac, let's you simply drag in .docx files from the finder. I selected 120 files, dragged them in and it was done in three minutes.

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