I recently installed OS X Mavericks Server on my computer to use for Xcode continuous integration. I now see that the postgresql database is running via the Activity Monitor, and some investigation shows that it was started by Server.app, which is running Python, which started Postgres. I know that postgres is small and doesn't take up much resources, but I am just curious: Is there a reason why Server.app is running the database? I don't see a postgres service to turn on or off (which to be honest would be a great service to run via the server app).

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From the OS X Server Advanced Administration manual, under the section on Postgres backups:

The Server app on OS X Mavericks supports three separate database clusters:

  • Calendar and Contacts
  • Profile Manager
  • Wiki and Xcode server
  • I run none of those but it still runs
    – Daij-Djan
    May 5, 2014 at 12:36

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