I've downloaded OpenLDAP sources from Apple Source for OSX 1.9.

But I've the following error found in config.log when compiling using make:

configure:27816: checking for db.h
configure:27824: result: yes
configure:27838: checking for Berkeley DB major version in db.h
configure:27857: result: 1
configure:27865: checking for Berkeley DB minor version in db.h
configure:27884: result: 0
configure:27892: checking if Berkeley DB version supported by BDB/HDB backends
configure:27932: result: no
configure:27937: error: BerkeleyDB version incompatible with BDB/HDB backends

I've the lastest XCode installed. Any clues?


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  • Follow-up: Compile OpenLdap problems at serverfault SE – kenorb Mar 20 '15 at 21:15
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    (1/2) If you don't need ldap server installed on the machine, you can do ./configure --disable-slapd. This will skip server configuration and in turn not bother with BerkleyDB since it is used by server only. – displayName 1 hour ago
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    (2/2) Otherwise, you need to install BerkleyDB and update your $PATH to point to the location of BerkleyDB. – displayName 1 hour ago

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