We have changed our Apple ID several times and now we want to start using iCloud. The account ID is under an old Email account. How do I change to our new Apple ID Email account?

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If you just want to use a new Apple ID that you have created for iCloud, you can use it in Settings > iCloud on iOS devices and in System Preferences > iCloud on OS X.

If you wish to change the email address on your Apple ID:

  • Go to the My Apple ID site
  • Click Manage your Apple ID
  • Sign in with your old email account's Apple ID credentials
  • Click on the Edit link against Apple ID and Primary Email Address
  • Enter your new email address
  • Click Save Changes
  • All other places, including OS X show my new email log in account while on the phone for iCloud, shows the old email. How do I get the iPhone iCloud change to the new email address?
    – Dan
    Oct 24, 2013 at 17:25

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