I have upgraded a Snow Leopard system to Mavericks. I expected to see the LaunchPad icon (spaceship icon used to launch installed apps) on the Dock, but it is not there.

How do I add that icon? I have it on a Lion system and I also see screenshots of Mavericks that have it so I don't think it's gone.

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The Launchpad.app is located in your /Application Folder.

You can either

  • navigate with the Finder to your /Application Folder and drag it to your dock

  • search Launchpad.app in Spotlight and CMD+Click the App. Your Finder will open and you can drag the App to your dock

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    Sorry, it seems I had my blinders on. I looked in the Application folder before I asked the question and it was not there. I looked again later and it was there.
    – Pep
    Commented Oct 24, 2013 at 8:50

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