There is a keyboard shortcut to open up spaces ctrl + up and you can press alt to see the new space +. Is there anyway to create a new space with a keyboard command?

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There are only three ways to create a new space in OS X Lion and above:

  1. Press F3 to launch Mission Control hover the Pointer over the top left or right corner, where a window will now appear with a + sign – by clicking the + a new space is generated enter image description here
  2. drag and drop an application window from Mission Control to the top right or left corner of your screen; the Desktop icon will appear, and a new space is gererated and your window's application is assigned to it.

  3. Once enabling an application's full screen mode by clicking the right-hand corner of an application window's title bar, a new space is generated for the application

Set Mission Control shortcuts

  • 1) Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Mission Control.
  • 2) In the Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts section, open the pop-up menus to choose keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, or both. If you have a multiple-button mouse, you see two columns of pop-up menus in this section.
  • 3) Click Hot Corners, then open any of the pop-up menus and choose actions to perform when you move the pointer to a screen corner. After you set an active corner, move your mouse to that corner of the screen to see the result.


  • I am aware of all of these options. The question is asking how to do this with a keyboard shortcut. Commented May 18, 2014 at 16:50

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