I want to use line art in my Keynote presentations. SVG is the Scalable Vector Graphics format, used natively by Inkscape.

Is there any way to use an SVG in Keynote, or do I need to convert to a PDF?

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Now in version 13.1

This is now possible with the recent release of version 13.1, only 9 years after this original question!

Not only can you import them, but you can also break them apart and save them to the shapes library.

See What’s new in Keynote for Mac | Learn about the new features in Keynote 13.1 for Mac.

Vector graphics

Add SVG images to your documents and preserve visual quality at any size.

Break apart imported SVG images and save them to your shapes library for future use.


EDIT Keynote now supports SVG. The answer below is obsolete.


As of Keynote version 7.2 SVG is not supported without conversion using a third party app. (Would be nice though!)

SVG import to Keynote

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    This is still true for v9.0.1
    – ian
    Apr 12, 2019 at 4:26

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