Although the GM should be identical to the final version, I am concerned about not being able to log into my computer in the future because of an expired developer/trial period.

The App Store normally shows a disabled button for installed apps which also will get future upgrades. However Mavericks shows with the "Download" button.

Should I go through a Mavericks reinstall?


Yes, you should install the final release of Mavericks.

The seed of Mac OS X 10.9 GM, Mavericks, is different to the edition available through the Mac App Store.

  • The seed had build 13A598.
  • The final release is build 13A603.

This suggests bugs were found and fixed since the final preview release. We have had reports of behaviour changes between the two versions.

About panel for Mac OS X 10.9.0

  • Okay, but how does one install 10.9 on top of 10.9. I'm stuck on 13A598. – nessur Oct 24 '13 at 14:19
  • According to @Francisco-Garcia's experience in the original question, you should be able to download from the Mac App Store. Otherwise restore to a back up and upgrade, or blank your Mac and upgrade. – Graham Miln Oct 24 '13 at 16:12

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