I am using Parallels 7. And I was not going to upgrade to Mavericks because I don't have any money now :(

But surprisingly, Mavericks is free!!! And this made me to think about upgrade... The only problem is Parallels 7 on my desktop. I already received a mail from Parallels company that PD7 won't work on Mavericks BETA. Anyway production release may different with beta, so I want to ask is there any people who can success to run PD7 on Mavericks.

And if it runs, but not perfectly, please let me know what part doesn't work.

I have to run Windows (7/8), OS X (Lion/Mountain Lion), FreeBSD server (9/10), CentOS server, Ubuntu server.


From meme1255's reply here

ExtensionsPath="/Library/Parallels/Parallels Service.app/Contents/Kexts/10.6/"
cd "$ExtensionsPath"

sudo kextutil prl_hypervisor.kext/
sudo kextutil prl_vnic.kext/
sudo kextutil prl_hid_hook.kext/
sudo kextutil -d ./prl_hypervisor.kext prl_netbridge.kext/
sudo kextutil prl_usb_connect.kext

open /Applications/Parallels\ Desktop.app 

And you have to give parallels permissions to accessibility to get keyboard/mouse working:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab > Accessibility section

You also need to reset Parallel's network setting.

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