I have ALREADY tried:

  1. Within the System Preferences/Accessibility: De-Select Flash the screen when an alert appears.
  2. Toggling Select then back to De-Select
  3. While I found the solution to delete: ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.universalaccess.plist - 10.8.5 replaced Universal Access with "Accessibility", which has no apparent equivalent file within the Lib/prefs. If there IS, please let me know.

I really hate the white flash. REALLY hate it.

BTW: I did do my own research before asking this question, including on this AskDifferent website. The solution found on AskDifferent and other sites only work on older Mac systems (up to ~ 2011). The ones with UniversalAccess.

Thanks, in advance for any useful input. - Scott


The plist you listed is the correct one to remove. Remove it and try rebooting, and your problem should be resolved. If not, create a new user account and log into it, and see if the problem persists.

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