My wife and I both have 4s models and we both downloaded iOS 7 and now we have all contacts (hers and mine) on both phones. I started to delete some of hers on my phone and it deleted the same contacts on her phone automatically. How can I restore her contacts?


The deleted and lost iPhone contacts can be recovered in 2 ways: recover from iPhone directly or restore from iTunes backup copy.


I was just looking to fix the same problem. All of a sudden my contacts were gone/empty. Been lazy and never set up iCloud. So all these other suggestions weren't going to work.

What I ended up doing

  • Double tap home button
  • Hold down on an icon that appears on bottom of screen and close all running apps
  • Tap home button again
  • Power off your phone
  • Turn phone back on
  • Open contacts and they should be restored.

Hope this works for you and any one else with the same problem. I'm off to go back up my phone to a computer and the cloud.

  • This seems to be a solution to another problem than the one described in the question. – nohillside May 13 '14 at 6:57

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