Is there any Mac OS X tutorial/book that covers the UNIX part of this operating system? Topics like:

  • Managing daemons from the command-line
  • Package management
  • Install/Remove dmg's from the command-line
  • Environment variables
  • Users/Groups/Permissions management
  • CLI utilities
  • OS Directory structure
  • Location of dev headers, libraries, etc
  • Devices names

Most of the tutorials I found out there cover GUI applications and that kind of stuff. Is there any material that covers Mac OS X under the hood?


I suggest you to try: Unix for OS X which is a good way to begin with Unix and with the Unix command line interface of Mountain Lion. O'Reilly is a very good editor in the field of the Unixes environments.

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Your question is quite broad. To get the information you seek in different areas and varied levels of detail, you would have to consult:

  • Start with a FreeBSD book or tutorial, plus use the man command to get information on commands.
  • Apple Pro Training Material, like the ones mentioned at OS X and OS X Server training - this includes paid books/videos published by Peachpit as well as free downloadable guides and white papers by Apple. There is a lot of material available from Apple Pro Training.
  • A look at the command line section in the OS X Server: Advanced Administration guide (this may seem a bit shallow if you know Unix and/or have worked with OS X on the command line).
  • Some older (and somewhat outdated) books like Mac OS X Internals: A Systems Approach by Amit Singh, and Mac OS X and iOS Internals: To the Apple's Core by Jonathan Levin. These are not for the faint of heart, especially the one by Amit Singh.
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