So I heard of the following:

1) the component AV cable and the HDMI cable for iPad 1 cannot show the game play (3rd party apps) on TV. Those 2 cables can only show movies and photos -- that's it.

2) The HDMI cable for iPad 2 can do 100%, exact mirroring NO MATTER WHAT THE APP IS. Whatever shows on iPad 2's screen, it will show.

Are the above 2 facts true? And what about Component AV cables for iPad 2, can it do 100% mirroring or is it limited to movies and photos? thanks.

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Number 1 is exactly true, unless the developer chose to output the gameplay through the cable. A few games do this, but most do not.

Number 2 is exactly true.

On your last question, I'm not 100% certain and haven't tried it (I don't have the component cables). Video mirroring from the iPad 2 works with the VGA adapter, so it would likely work with the component cables, but I can't guarantee it.

Edit: Looking at the specs on Apple's site under TV & Video, it seems pretty clear that component out work with the apps that do video out, but not for mirroring.


To add a little bit more to Matthew's answer- the Apple Digital AV Adapter will work on the iPad 1 to output video and audio from apps like Videos, Youtube, Netflix, etc... but will not work for full mirroring. That is strictly an iPad2+Digital AV Adapter thing. The outputting of both the audio and video through the HDMI cable is pretty cool though, one less cable to jack in.

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