I'm an international student currently in an exchange program in a US school. I do have a student ID card, but that's it.

According to your experience, will I be able to get the student discount? Does it take some kind of digital validation?

As I said before, I have a student ID card from my school, but I don't have a valid .edu address or anything. Does Apple perform some kind of checkup or just showing the ID is enough?

  • I would like to add to this that if I borrow the card from a local student will it be crosschecked if person and the ID card match? – killswitch Oct 14 '13 at 20:42

If your just looking for the ~5% student discount, yes your student ID card will be enough.

For the Apple On Campus 12% discout, they will check from your student card if your school is registered to this program.

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