How to upgrade HDD to a larger one on the same Macbook, if I have:

  • OS X Mountain Lion partition (Mac OS Extended) and two partitions for Windows 7 (NTFS): system (C:) and data (D:), installed via this scheme
  • user profiles located on data partition
  • it's Macbook Pro Late 2010

How to migrate Windows partitions after I'm done with copying OS X, re-creating partitions for Windows and a clean installation of Windows?

In a nutshell, I've done it as follows.

  • in Disk Utility:
    • shrink OS X partition
    • add a partition for Bootcamp of size I need, format it as FAT
    • again shrink OS X partition
    • mark the rest as free space
  • boot from Windows installation DVD
  • with Windows Setup, format unoccupied space as NTFS partition; format Bootcamp partition as NTFS
  • proceed to installing Windows on Bootcamp partition
  • Bootcamp Assistant not used at all; 600MB Recovery partition not deleted as it wasn't there at any stage
  • on new HDD, I allocated more space than before for each of the partitions (OS X, Windows System, Windows Data), both to make sure there's more user space, and to make cloning easier (as making system partitions equally sized on new and old HDD is a challenge in itself)

Now, what I tried to migrate Windows partitions:

  • for D:, manually copy all files (except system folders) from old disk to the new one
  • for C:, tried cloning with tools:
    • WinClone 3.7: results in "File: \Boot\BCD, Status: 0xc0000225", no matter if I choose "Replace BCD" or "Don't replace BCD"
    • GParted: results in "Missing File System"

Immediately after WinClone with "Don't replace BCD", I see rather strange list of volumes and partitions in DISKPART (note that my HDD is only 1TB, and there's no volumes for HDD at all):

Volume 0  D  (my DVD label)  UDF  DVD-ROM  4481 MB  Healthy
Volume 1  C                       Removable    0 B  No Media
          #  Type     Size   Offset
Partition 1  Primary  200MB   512B
Partition 2  Primary   93GB  200MB
Partition 0  Extended  60GB  870GB
Partition 5  Primary  259GB 1738GB
Partition 4  Primary  259GB 1785GB
Partition 3  Primary  875GB 1794GB
Partition 6  Primary   26MB 2227GB
  • In your procedure, you state "Bootcamp Assistant not used at all". When you installed, you did not first bless the windows boot partition. I assume you did a BIOS install using the MBR table. Is this correct? Or, did the install use the EFI with windows aware of the GPT partition table? – David Anderson Apr 1 '15 at 23:38

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