For school I have to create a Powerpoint presentation and I am experiencing a problem. My teacher asked me to use a Text Effect of Gradient Fill - Black, Outline - White, Outer Shadow and when I try to hover the mouse over the text effects it will not show me the name of the effect.

Is it a problem with my mac? Should I report this to Microsoft? Any help will be appreciated.

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Click on the block of text you wish to apply the effect to.

On the top menu, click on Format and then Font....

From here you can achieve the effects desired. View the screenshots below.

Text Fill

Text Outline

Text Shadow


Select the text and right click to select "Format Text…" from the contextual menu.

  • Click "Text Fill" to find the "Gradient" settings.
  • Click "Text Line" to set outline colors.
  • Click "Text Shadow" to set shadow settings for the selected text.

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