I'm selling my Macbook online and I want to reset the name of the computer to the generic name as if it's completely new from the apple store. In system preferences > sharing > Computer name. I forgot what the generic name is when you first buy the computer.

Is it "new computer" or "Generic" or "New User"? I know it's completely 100% unnecessary but I want to do it as a nice touch for the next user.

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If you have time, you could reinstall OS X and quit the installer (and shutdown the system) at the point when it asks you to enter a username and password to create your first account.

When the buyer powers it on, it will then display the OS X welcome message and allow the buyer to complete the setup as if it were bought new.


The name is set when the first user is created. So it's directly XYZ's Macbook.

If you want a simple name, just call it Macbook.

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