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You can simulate a right mouse-click with the magic mouse if you tap the right half of the mouse without touching the left half and THEN click.

But is it possible to achieve a middle-mouse-click with the magic mouse (on OSX 10.6)?

And How?

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With BetterTouchTool, you can create a Magic Mouse action to middle-click, such as this:

Magic Mouse Gesture: Single Finger Middle Click → Predefined Action: Middleclick

For trackpad users, BTT gives you the option to perform a 'special' middle click designed for CAD users (accessible through AdvancedAction SettingsSettings for Predefined ActionsUse special middle click mode).

This allows people who work with CAD software etc. to perform a real middleclick using the trackpad. Use predefined action middleclick in combination with "three finger click" gesture. Click with 3 fingers then release two of them and move the remaining finger to drag the view around.

  • Thanks for this (3 years later)!! Just rebuilt my MBP, and couldn't get my middle click to work. But I don't remember having done this in BTT before I rebuilt, but it's been so long that I must have just forgotten that I ever did it. – istrasci Nov 9 '16 at 21:05

With MagigPrefs you can change the setting so the middle area of the mouse does create a middleclick as expected.

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