I just installed an application (MousePosé)(which many of you will love) to show me where my mousecursor is, after pressing a shortcut,

However: very often when I'm programming, especially after CMD-Tab, I can't remember/see where my text-cursor is.

Does there exists an application that fades out the screen, until at the point of where the text-cursor is, like MousePose does with the mouse cursor?

In fact, it's like an Lightbox effect, where your whole screen gets fade-out and only the thing that matters (your text-cursor) shows in perfect glory, with no dimmed light.

Just like this, but when with the text-cursor, instead of the mouse-cursor




I don't know of a program that works system-wide, but if you use the terminal moderately, iterm2 has this feature. Pressing Command-/ once will show the cursor with some screen fade, and pressing and holding it will white out everything on screen but the cursor.

Fade Whiteout

Alternatively, not the same as fading, but there might be a way to have your text editor highlight vertical and horizontal columns. (Here's a plugin for sublime).

  • Thanks for your suggestion, but I'm really looking for a system-wide application. Since the text-cursor is something native of the OS, I guess it shouldn't be that hard. Same like the Mouse-cursor Oct 8 '13 at 21:44

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