Can I put a data only, no voice or text sim card in an iPhone.

I'm keen to get 4g but I've found the cheapest monthly plan for a nano sim is £33 for 3GB. This included unlimited text(SMS) and unlimited voice calls.

I make almost no calls, and few text messages.

I was looking at what plans were available for the ipad mini (nano-sim too) and noticed it was half the price: £15.99 for 3GB. Pretty big difference.

Has anyone tried an iPad only sim in an iPhone?

  • I'd use iMessage, FaceTime & skype to get round the lack of voice and text, and keep my old iphone 4 as a backup with a PAYG sim.


  • iPad mini wifi - so I intend to tether
  • iPhone 5s(when it arrives)
  • new 4g networks are coming in December so I don't se the point in locking myself into a 12 month plan, when the price is likely to drop.

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I called EE and the guy said I would be unable to make calls or send text messages.

I will try this out and see how I go.


Yes it works with bell 5g a month for $35 . Running it for over a year. Best plan ever! I can I message any iphone , got a BBM app. And a free VoIP phone app. Plus free txt apps are available ...

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