I have a external hard drive and I'm checking it with the Disk Utility. However, it gave me an error says

** No NTFS file system checks have been implemented yet.

How can I install one?


OS X supports the option to read NTFS-formatted drives, but has not supported writing to these drives. Therefore, the use of a third-party driver such as Paragon NTFS or Tuxera NTFS has been required for those seeking full NTFS support; however, OS X does support writing to NTFS, but this feature is just not enabled by default.

  1. Enable NTFS option via Terminal (I am not going to document this, as I highly do not recommend using this option at all, unless you are aware of the problems this will lead to)
  2. Download and install SL-NTFS which is an NFTS writing preference for your Mac. Works on Mac OS X 10.6+ (FREE)
  3. Install NTFS-3G, though this is not my favourite option. It's a little slow and can cause compatibility issues with anything after Mac OS X 10.6. Some users report it working flawlessly. I personally think it's write capability is a little slow. Touch and go. (FREE)
  4. Paragon NTFS which is approx $20, is the entry-level of paid software version. I have used this for quite a while and never had a problem. Works on anything from Mac OS X 10.6.x10.8.x
  5. Tuxera NTFS costs approx $32 and does everything that Paragon NTFS does. I use this one now, because it built upon the NTFS-3G option I mentioned earlier. I personally believe it works the best as I have never had an issue with it to date, but then I have used all options (aside #2) and found no issues with any of them.

To solve your enquiry, either NTFS-3G, Paragon or Tuxera will all enable you to use Disk Utility to check the drive, format the drive, etc etc. The picture below is from my system.

NOTE: I am not saying SL-NTFS will not do what you want, I just have not tested it.

enter image description here

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