Is there some software manager like Synpatic in Ubunut for Mac OS X.... Right now, I am using kind of old Mac OS X 10.5.8 and want to install softare on it... Like Opera, Firefox... I don't mind that the versions of browsers I can install on this Mac OS X system are not secure anymore... I will not use it that much... I can still use Safari... The problem is I don't know which versions of Opera and Firefox I can install... For example, I installed the newest Opera and now it says :

You cannot use this version of Opera with this version of Mac OS X.

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There are two main systems for unix software on OS X: MacPorts and Fink

Fink is akin to (and iirc based on) the Debian/Ubunutu apt system: it delivers pre-compiled binaries. MacPorts is related to the older BSD Ports collections: rather than pre-built binaries, it containers pointers to the original source + patches required to make that source work on your platform (and with the other apps that you've installed via ports).

There's also a newer tool called Homebrew which I've not used; but it claims to provide better interoperability with things you've installed by hand, and rely more on the native Mac libraries instead of just the installed libraries.

A quick search shows a variety of questions already talking about Macports and Fink and differences between them.

Source: https://superuser.com/a/92885/256923

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