Sometimes, Mac requires a restart after installing or uninstalling an application. What are the steps to prevent complete restart cycle and still achieve the desired result?

I remember I used to do a soft restart in terminal but now forgot the steps. After soft restart, the "uptime" command in terminal used to continue from previous uptime value, like "up 20 days".

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You can install updates without restarting by running sudo softwareupdate -i -a. It might cause some issues though. When I installed the 10.8.3 update without restarting, Safari started crashing on launch until I restarted the Mac.

If an installer or uninstaller forces you to restart, you can often just press command-Q to quit the installer.

I haven't heard of anything like a soft restart. You can quit all applications by running sudo killall loginwindow, but it doesn't have the same effect as restarting or logging out and back in.

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