When enrolling in the iOS Developer Program as an individual, I reach a step "Review your enrollment information & submit". It shows an old address of my under "Personal Profile". You can see the old address (Durham, NC) below.

Apple Developer Program Enrollment with old address

I logged into My Apple ID to correct my old home address, yet My Apple ID shows an updated (correct) primary address. You can see the correct address (Renton, WA) below.

My Apple ID with correct address

So, how do I correct my personal profile address before I submit my iOS Developer Registration?

Additionally, I realize I can Contact Apple to change my address after I am registered, but I would imagine things would be much faster and more streamlined if I correct the address before I finish my registration.


I fixed it. Don't know why, but I know how.

During the enrollment process, I had logged into My Apple ID to fix my address (only to find out that it was already correct there). Then, I opened up iTunes then went to the menu item Store > View Account. Once again, my address was correct there too, so I exited out of there.

From there, I decided to cancel the Developer Program enrollment, to which the Apple site replied that it had saved my enrollment-in-progress. I started the enrollment over again (though it had much of my previous information retained).

At that point, it had corrected the address by itself.

In short: log in to My Apple ID, then View Account on iTunes, cancel enrollment then restart enrollment. Fixed (for me, at least).

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