I'm looking for a free or cheap product to create a timeline from an upload of an excel file, simple data (year and description). Any thoughts?

  • What is the difference between your question and apple.stackexchange.com/questions/9503/… ?
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    @patrix I was going to say the same thing, since the original question is almost identical to this one (without referring to the Excel file). However, since the edit referring to Gantt charts made to that question, a simple timeline of dates is a different question…
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    Fair point, I would nevertheless prefer if the OP could add some details on what they are looking for and maybe also include a sample image.
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BEEDOCS Easy Timeline or Timeline 3D

Both of BEEDOCS timeline creation software for Mac will let you import a tab-delimited file (which you could export your Excel file as) into a 2D or 3D timeline.

BEEDOCS Easy Timeline - Event Editor

You can also include photos, audio, or movies in your events, as well as web links and 3D motion graphics.

Aeon Timeline

You can also create timelines from data using Aeon Timeline:


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