I am using an iPad with Google Chrome installed to access the internet. I have downloaded and installed the Netbox Blue certificate authority from their website. I can currently access https:// websites using Safari however I cannot access these sites using the Chrome app. I am not getting any certificate errors while using Safari.

Is there a particular way you need to add certificate authorities to the Chrome app, or is this an issue with my connection?

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There is no way to add Certificate Authorities to Chrome.app on iOS. The only way to manage them is in Settings > General > Profiles.

It seems like this is an issue with Chrome.app that's not resolved yet. See Chrome for iOS ignores trusted root CA certificate. You may get additional help by posting to the Google Chrome Forum (linked before).


Sorry for the late reply, but the easiest way to get this fixed that I have found is to remove all profiles by going into Settings > General > Profiles and removing all of the profiles that you don't know...

Hopefully it helps! :)

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