How can I add wallpapers to iOS 7 without adding them to Photos.app ?

Is there a way to add wallpapers to native iOS wallpapers?

  • Short answer is no, at least not without jailbreaking. – tubedogg Sep 23 '13 at 15:57

No :(

The list of Apple wallpapers in SettingsWallpapers & BrightnessChoose WallpaperApple WallpaperDynamic or Stills is not customisable by the user, without jailbreaking.

If you want a separate list of wallpapers, you can create an album in the Photos app, add your wallpapers to that album, then open that wallpaper in the Choose WallpaperPhotos list.

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No. The only (non-jailbreak) way to add wallpaper is by selecting it from a photo album or Photostream.

However, once you have chosen the wallpaper and/or lock screen, you can delete the image from your Photo collection.

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