How can I add wallpapers to iOS 7 without adding them to Photos.app ?

Is there a way to add wallpapers to native iOS wallpapers?

  • Short answer is no, at least not without jailbreaking. – tubedogg Sep 23 '13 at 15:57

No :(

The list of Apple wallpapers in SettingsWallpapers & BrightnessChoose WallpaperApple WallpaperDynamic or Stills is not customisable by the user, without jailbreaking.

If you want a separate list of wallpapers, you can create an album in the Photos app, add your wallpapers to that album, then open that wallpaper in the Choose WallpaperPhotos list.


No. The only (non-jailbreak) way to add wallpaper is by selecting it from a photo album or Photostream.

However, once you have chosen the wallpaper and/or lock screen, you can delete the image from your Photo collection.

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