I have just attempted to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 7. The phone switched itself off after a while and now the phone won't work any more. The screen switched back on with the logo of iTunes and the charger with an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo.

I connected the phone to my Mac and it doesn't recognise my phone at all, asking to restore it to the factory setting. If I do that, would I lose everything on it?

  • Have you already tried a hard reset (press the Home-and Power button until the display will show an Apple logo)? – 130e13a Mar 23 '14 at 17:29

Yes you will. The same thing happened to mine, everything was wiped out after the restore. Make sure your stuff is backed up.


you can download Tinyumbrella and inside tinyumbrella, select your "restore device" (as it likely is called) and choose to "exit recovery", if this doesn't help, you're probably out of luck. :-/ But I guess you either have an iTunes based or iCloud based backup of your phone, so there is still hope you don't lose all your data

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