When I long press on a photo someone shared with me in an iMessage chat I get three main options: Copy, More..., and Speak. More only presents options to delete all, or select some messages to forward to someone. Speak doesn't seem useful. So can I copy a photo into my camera roll?


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  1. Tap on the photo bubble in the message list.

  2. Tap to bring up the photo controls.

  3. Press the Share button, and select Save Image.

This works in both iOS 6 and iOS 7.

  1. Tap the photo to open it

  2. Press the Share button and select Save Image


Press on photo in text message and 'save' appears. Hit save and it goes straight to photo collection


Copy picture, paste in an email and send it to yourself, then save.

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    Hi and welcome. This may be an option. But this answer does not address the specific question. Have a read of stackoverflow.com/questions/how-to-answer which will give you a better insight into how to answer questions here that will be considered useful.
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