I have to adjust the cursor sensitivity in SteerMouse every time I switch between my home mouse and my work mouse. Is there a way to do this programmatically?

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You should check if SteerMouse supports applescript by opening applescript editor and then clicking File -> Open Dictionary. If it does, please reply back.

In the meantime, there is a indirect solution, which is to have two separate preferences files for work and home and switching between them.

First, set your home settings. You'll find the preferences file at ~/Library/Preferences/SteerMouse.prefs. Copy that and rename the copy to SteerMouse_home.prefs. Then adjust them for work and copy those preferences and name them SteerMouse_work.prefs.

Then, in applescript editor, copy this code and save it as an application.

property myLocation : ""

if myLocation is "" then
    set myLocation to "Home"
end if

if myLocation is "Home" then
    do shell script "mv -f ~/Library/Preferences/SteerMouse_home.prefs ~/Library/Preferences/SteerMouse.prefs"
    set myLocation to "Work"

else if myLocation is "Work" then
    do shell script "mv -f ~/Library/Preferences/SteerMouse_work.prefs ~/Library/Preferences/SteerMouse.prefs"
    set myLocation to "Home"
end if

#You'll only need this part if the app needs to be restarted for the changes to occur.
tell application "SteerMouse"
end tell
  • In short, move the prefs file and restart the app. Obviously! Thanks! :) Commented Oct 8, 2013 at 22:54

While @frediemathews answered the question, I wanted to post the code I ended up using.

SteerMouse saves its preferences instantly, so I adjusted the settings three times and copied the preference file each time. I have three AppleScripts which contain code like this:

tell application "SteerMouse Manager" to quit

do shell script "cp ~/Misc/steermouse-prefs/fast ~/Library/Preferences/SteerMouse.prefs"

tell application "SteerMouse Manager" to activate

(SteerMouse Manager is an application which is hidden inside SteerMouse.app)

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