I have not updated my iphone 4s since the day I got it. I am still on IOS 5.1.1. I jailbroke the phone when i first got it, but the jailbreak was outdated and stopped working so I deleted it off the iphone. If i want to update my IOS can I just backup my files and hit update on my phone or itunes to a more updated IOS ? I do not wish to jailbreak my phone afterwards, I dont need it. My concern was in the past i heard that if you updated your OS with a jailbroken phone, the phone goes into a loop on the restart. I had this happen to my on my iphone 3G. Any thoughts?


can I just backup my files and hit update on my phone


Pressing the Update button will cause a jailbroken iPhone to 'go wrong', usually resulting in a reboot loop. Pressing Update on a non-jailbroken iPhone is fine, even if it was previously jailbroken.

To update a jailbroken device, removing the jailbreak…

  1. Backup the device using either iTunes or iCloud.

  2. Restore the device. You can use a previously-downloaded IPSW, or let iTunes download the latest one for you.

  3. Restore from backup. When setting up your iPhone, choose to restore from backup and let iTunes/iCloud restore the backup.

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