After installing Mountain Lion 10.8.5 update, mail does not associate to an email account and will not quit (Quit is grayed out - must force quit). However, the email account is set up in preferences. Library/mail/V2/maildata/accounts.plist lists the account and the Mailboxes are still present under Library/mail/V2/Mailboxes. However, if I log out as iMac user and log in as another user, Mail works OK for a different email account associated to that user. Does 10.8.5 limit the number of accounts for emails? In Console, I get a MailIAPlugin message: "Tried to get settings for nonexistent account". Any idea on how to get Mail to work?


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Grayed out Quit in Mail usually indicates that mail is busy doing something (like sync) and does not allow quitting.

Here are few steps you can do:

1- Run the Connection doctor

2- Enable the Activity window to see what is going on (get mail)

3- Delete that account and recreate it. (no worry, your email should be on the original server (ie gmail), but better check that before.

4- Wait for it to complete its duty. (like updating 10000 emails)

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