I have been linux person for 6 years, now converting to mac world.

I am looking for the file browser, which would enable me to:

  • delete files and folders by pressing delete
  • rename files by shortcut or right mouse button
  • enter folders by pressing "Enter"
  • navigating in the tree by shortcuts (keyboard only)

and also importantly:

  • do the same things on REMOTE linux servers, especially edit files on the fly
  • open remote text files in my favorite editor (whichever I want, such as Sublime)

In Ubuntu, I just typed to the directory address ssh://name@server and file system acted completely the same way as if I was on the local computer. Perfectly easy to use and understand.

I don't mind paying small/medium amount of money if needed.

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You can use sshfs or Transmit to mount SSH locations as local volumes.

↩ renames files in Finder. ⌘↓ or ⌘O opens files, ⌘⌫ moves files to the trash, and ⌥⌘V moves files copied with ⌘C.

You could also take a look at Forklift or Path Finder. Both support making return open files but not making forward delete move files to to the trash.

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