I just bought a Galaxy note 8 and I am trying to access my files on my apple time capsule. I just got my macbook air last christmas so I am not to familiar with how to use everything just yet. I can access my files on my time capsule through my macbook and my husband can through his pc. Is there a feature that needs to be enabled on the time capsule or my note for this connection to work?


The only feature that needs to be enabled on the Time Capsule is the file sharing feature.

This will activate AFP and SMB Filesharing which allows your Mac, PC and Android Device to access the Time Capsule and use it as a NAS (basically the Time Capsule is a glorified NAS).

To access your file on the Time Capsule you need a SMB client for Android such as ES File Explorer:

  1. Access the menu and select the LAN tab.
  2. Perform a network scan and after a few seconds the time capsule should appear:

  3. Select the computer and enter the login credentials to access your Time Capsule (username and password for the Time Capsule). You should see a folder that is named after the partition you see in the AirPort Utility when enabling the file sharing feature.

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