I want to see if I have any extra .qlgenerator files there, or if I'm missing any.

If someone with a recent or (better yet) new clean install could list the files in that folder, OR if anyone knows where I could find an official list from Apple, that would be great.

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I try to do what I can, unfortunately I did not exactly 10.8, I would like to point out that the following list is for

System Version: OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)

Audio.qlgenerator Bookmark.qlgenerat Clippings.qlgenera Contact.qlgenerato EPS.qlgenerator Font.qlgenerator Icon.qlgenerator Image.qlgenerator LocPDF.qlgenerator Mail.qlgenerator Movie.qlgenerator Notes.qlgenerator Office.qlgenerator PDF.qlgenerator Package.qlgenerato SceneKit.qlgenerat Security.qlgenerat StandardBundles.ql Text.qlgenerator Web.qlgenerator iCal.qlgenerator iChat.qlgenerator

Then in addition to /System/Library/QuickLook/ there is also /Library/QuickLook/ where I found: iBooksAuthor.qlgenerator iWork.qlgenerator

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