This is the second time that battery is causing issue. Initially after I bought I gave it to apple service and they reinstalled OS and suggested VirtualBox was causing the drain so I did not install it next time around.

Now I installed Intel HAXM and battery again fell back to 3-4 hours. I have removed Intel HAXM and still the battery is giving 3-4 hours.

Activity manager does not show a rogue process, most processes are under 1%.

Can you help me detect why the battery is being drained or how to find the cause?

EDIT looks like https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/6301/53842 might have a clue. I did not check on All processes in activity Monitor filter. It was


taking more than 80% CPU. Now the battery is slowly coming back to show more time.

Question part 1> Are virtualization software generally drain life on mac? Or is there an alternative?

Question part 2> If parental control service is causing drain then how do we use parental control feature without draining battery? Many other posts suggest to delete and restart and then use it again.

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Using the OEM tools like Apple Activity monitor could tell you who is using the juice.

Open Activity monitor located in your utility folder.

Select CPU

Select All processes

Select %CPU to sort by usage

If any process is using >70% (for longer then few seconds) it is the one draining your battery.

  • I was doing that that but "All processes" is not selected by default. Instead "My Processes" is and that was showing processess around 0% CPU. thx
    – dhaval
    Sep 11, 2013 at 12:07

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