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Hide Apps and place folders inside folders

To remove apps:

  1. Have a full page of apps with at least one folder in it.
  2. Take all the apps you want to hide and put them in a folder. (If you just want to hide one you don't need a folder.)
  3. Place the folder or the single app that you don't want in the dock.
  4. Double tap the home button, but in the short delay it takes to open multitasking, quickly press and hold the app you don't want in the dock.
  5. Now multitasking should be open. Look at the home screen page and the app you don't want should be larger than the others and grey.
  6. Tap the home screen to go back to it.
  7. The app should still be grey and larger than the rest.
  8. Open the folder on the home screen and the apps that you don't want should come with you. Tap the screen to exit the folder and press the home button.
  9. Done! :)

Note: the apps are not permanently gone, just hidden. You can open them by searching for them in the spotlight search. If you restart your phone the apps will return.

To place folders inside other folders:

  1. Follow steps one through eight as shown above.
  2. Drag the folder that came with you into the folder you just opened.
  3. Press the home button to settle all apps.
  4. Done! :)

Here's a video link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0qI16k8-4A4

  • They brought back a bug that was fixed in iOS 4! Commented Oct 23, 2013 at 16:00

Double tap date picker (in apps that use new date picker) and time toggles between 1 minute and 5 minute intervals.

via: https://twitter.com/novapax/status/389452265981235200


In a group iMessage conversation each participant has either their contact avatar as an icon for their messages or their initials


In email and with the iPad (and presumable iPhone) in landscape mode, the list of messages will be displayed as before.

But, swipe an email in this list from right to left and options will be shown to move the message to another folder. This can be eg More Archive or More Trash. Pressing More will bring up a context menu with more options.


If you email a link in Safari's "reader" view it sends the full view (parsed text and images), not just the link.


You can view all unread email across all mail accounts when viewing Mailboxes in mail.app

You can also set up additional views/mailboxes for messages which match:

  • To or CC
  • Attachments
  • All Drafts
  • All Sent
  • All Trash

Just tap EDIT on top left when in Mailboxes view and select the option you want displayed and where you want it located in the list.

/via http://targuman.org/blog/2013/03/20/view-unread-mail-in-ios-using-notifications-workaround/


New Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts have only been added to Safari, Mail, and Pages in a very limited fashion.


⌘L to Open Location (like Safari for Mac, this selects the address bar so you can start typing to open a URL or search. You can’t move up/down with the keyboard to select results though)

⌘T to open a new tab

⌘W to close the current tab

⌘R to refresh the current tab

⌘. to stop loading the current tab

Note: Safari can’t switch between tabs or search in the current page with keyboard shortcuts in iOS 7.0.3.


⌘N to create a new message

⌘⇧D to send a message (from the Compose screen, it also works in other apps that implement a Mail sharing feature)

Backspace key to delete the currently selected message

Up/down arrows to select suggested email address in To/CC/BCC popover fields


⌘⇧K to comment

⌘⌥K to show next comment

⌘⌥⇧K to show previous comment

Note: It’s possible that these shortcuts were enabled before, but I’ve added them for the sake of completeness because I haven’t seen them documented anywhere else.

According to the Source it will be updated regularly as Apple adds more keyboard shortcuts to its iOS apps.


Apple also updated their Tips and tricks website page for the iPhone 5s as they used to do it in the past. Check it out! http://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/tips enter image description here

enter image description here

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