On an iPhone, if you go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts you can define text shortcuts that expand into longer words.

Is it possible to export this list of shortcuts in a single text file? Is it possible to import a text file to be used as shortcuts?

This could be useful to configure the same shortcuts on an iPhone and a Mac, on 2 iPhones, to make a text backup, to make quick edits on a textfile…

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From dastrobu:

There is an unofficial command line tool, which does exactly what you want, its called shortcuts. You can install it via homebrew

brew install rodionovd/taps/shortcuts

You can list your current replacements via

shortcuts read

You can import new ones via:

shortcuts import <input.plist>

There are also these commands:

shortcuts create <shortcut> <new phrase>
shortcuts update <shortcut> <phrase>
shortcuts delete <shortcut>

Source: How to export Text replacements from the Keyboard System Preference from shell?

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    The original question was about iPhone environment: see the title, flags & content.
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