I haven't seen a package-management system for AppleScripts, but it seems like the foundations for one are present.


  • Scripts (and folder) located in the ~/Library/Scripts/Applications folder ARE NOT visible from OS X AppleScript menu.
  • Scripts (and folders) locate in the ~/Library/Scripts/ folder ARE visible from OS X AppleScript menu.


  • 'Libraries' scripts (i.e. those referenced by load script) could be located in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/<namespace>/ folder
  • 'Controller' scripts (i.e. those that are run by users) could be located in ~/Library/Scripts/<namespace>/ folder
  • An installation script could be used to compile the .applescript files, create directories, and other minutiae.
  • Projects would be located on Github (or similar)
  • All that would remain is a directory service


  • Is there an AppleScript package-management system (that I've missed)?
  • In lieu of that, is what I've described a reasonable deployment convention?
  • Are there any conventions for <namespace>? Java uses reverse domain name (e.g. com.foo.project)
  • Using ~/Library/Scripts/<namespace>/ would be problematic because that namespace would show up as the folder name in the AppleScripts menu.
    – tubedogg
    Sep 9 '13 at 18:22

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