How can I measure the polling rate of my USB mouse on OS X (10.7.5)?

I am looking for something like this, but for OSX.

"...a lightweight program that can tell you how often the position of your mouse is sent to the other applications. This parameter is quite important when you are using tools or games with high frame rates..."

Basically, windows has a WM_MOUSEMOVE event that signifies that the system has detected cursor movement and the program displays that to the end user. Would a similar program on Mac tell me similar data?

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You can use Mouse Rate which is written in java and therefore runs on OS X, Windows and Linux .

Mouse Rate

The source is on github.


I work with "TylerAndFriends". We know that the average mouse is polled every 8-10ms, but you can buy "gaming" mice that are supposed to be polled more often (1-2ms). If you plug in one of these better mice, is there a way on OS X to check the actual polling rate of the mouse?

For example, I know you can do this on a PC by running the freeware program mouserate.exe by Oliver Tscherwitschke, http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/Mouse-Rate-Checker.shtml

Is there an equivalent or simple way to check the rate at which your USB device (i.e. mouse) is being polled besides assuming that the device is doing what it's supposed to be doing?

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There is a OS X shareware App that can modify pooling rates for USB devices: http://www.usboverdrive.com/USBOverdrive/Devices.html

Supported devices:

The USB Overdrive works with any compliant input device so there's really no way to list them all. In general, the USB Overdrive should work with the following kinds of devices:

  • Mouse, Trackball, Trackpad and other pointing devices
  • Gamepad, Joystick, Racing Wheel and other gaming devices
  • External keyboards (built-in MacBook keyboards are not supported)
  • Many multimedia controllers
  • Many generic devices with compliant buttons and controls

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