I am using the Hot Corners feature to turn my display off on my Macbook Pro (OS X 10.8.4) when I am not using it. Oftentimes, I keep music playing and I want to change the volume while the display is off. Every time I increase or decrease the volume, the screen turns on, and I have to turn the display off again.

Is there a way in ML to change the volume without waking the screen again? I know that it is supposed to wake the screen when the user presses something, but is there a way to maintain that functionality for everything but the volume buttons? If that's not possible, are there any third party apps that could do this?

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    This is not in relation to the exact same keys but as far as I know the answer is the same.
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You can do this with a remote connection to your computer from another computer or phone. Using a Terminal app from your phone, for example, you can remote in and then run a command like:

# Where 50 is a number from 0 to 100
osascript -e 'set volume output volume 50'

If you did this a lot you could create an alias in your .bashrc (or other shell profile file) for a shorter easier command.

I have a remote mouse app on my phone and it wakes up the screen, so you'd need a true remote control otherwise.

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