I'm trying to use a Firewire DV input in a Google+ Hangout in order to do Hangouts on Air. Currently, it appears that Hangouts does not support DV inputs, which makes things difficult (essentially, the DV input goes to a tape deck which is passing through final video from "upstream" in our studio).

Are there any good solutions out there that could perhaps "route through" the DV camera as a webcam so that it shows up in Hangouts? I'm aware there's bound to be some latency/quality issues (the former is less of a problem as we can work around it), but the solution we've already tried (I'll update if I get the name of the program) clipped our video badly. I've run across this program CamCamX which seems like it could do the job - does anyone have experience with it or other similar programs for Mac?

  • where is the Apple product in all this? – Ruskes Sep 3 '13 at 23:01
  • Haha fair point, this is operation is running on a MacBook Pro because of the FireWire interoperability, since that's by far the most feasible way to use FireWire in a cheap and mobile setup, which is what we need. So I'm asking more specifically about Mac software that could solve my problem. – Devin Sep 5 '13 at 1:13

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