I've seen on several forums that people use a tree view for their folders in Finder but I can't find anywhere how to switch to it.

Is the tree view available in OSX Lion?

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The way items are shown in Finder can be configured through the folder's Toolbar, which gives four default options:

Finder's displaying options

  • Icon View - Which is the regular layout of icons.
  • List View - The items are shown in a list-like and can be navigated as a tree.

The List View

  • Columns View - Items are displayed through columns which show the file's path.

The Columns View

  • CoverFlow - Items are shown with the regular coverflow efect.

Note: While in a folder, you can switch through these options by doing Command + the option's number (1 is the icon's view, 2 is the list view, etc).

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    Important: The list view only shows the tree if Arrange has no criteria selected
    – Stefan
    Jan 9, 2014 at 20:53

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