I've seen on several forums that people use a tree view for their folders in Finder but I can't find anywhere how to switch to it.

Is the tree view available in OSX Lion?


The way items are shown in Finder can be configured through the folder's Toolbar, which gives four default options:

Finder's displaying options

  • Icon View - Which is the regular layout of icons.
  • List View - The items are shown in a list-like and can be navigated as a tree.

The List View

  • Columns View - Items are displayed through columns which show the file's path.

The Columns View

  • CoverFlow - Items are shown with the regular coverflow efect.

Note: While in a folder, you can switch through these options by doing Command + the option's number (1 is the icon's view, 2 is the list view, etc).

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    Important: The list view only shows the tree if Arrange has no criteria selected – Stefan Jan 9 '14 at 20:53

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