What are the options for playing music from an iPod touch over speakers in multiple rooms, preferably with the ability to turn speakers off in a specific room using a remote? I currently have a basic stereo system but it's about 5 years old, only has two speakers, and doesn't support Bluetooth so I'm not sure if it's worth trying to use with the iPod for this type of setup. Cost isn’t an issue at least until I figure out what the options are.

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Today Apple announced that the upcoming iOS 4.2 update coming in November will contain a feature called AirPlay where you can stream music, video, and photos directly from your iOS device to a new Apple TV (and presumably the Airport Express).

  • To add to this answer, I'd just like to say you can buy a BlackBerry Stereo Gateway, which Bluetooths to your device and then sends all sound to the attached speaker. I use it at school for playing our Drama play's music and it works well.
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    Sep 8, 2011 at 22:22

Well, if your stereo has an audio in port, you can go with an Airport Express and send the music wirelessly from iTunes/Front Row on your computer.


You could use your iPhone/iPod as a remote using Apple's free Remote app.

I hope this helps.


Since my speaker system is hooked up to my desktop computer I use Shairport4w to airplay music and podcasts from my iphone to my desktop.

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