Is there a way to create screenshots of iOS devices from OSX without using Xcode? I am looking for a fast way to do that.

I know 2 methods:

  1. Using Xcode
  2. Taking a screenshot on the device and sharing it using message/mail whatever

but both these methods are cumbersome and slow. I want to be able to create those screenhots fast.

Any suggestions?

  • I wouldn't consider the standard method (#2) to be slow per se, so I wonder a bit which problem you are trying to solve here. Why do these screenshots need to be fast? Someone may find better ways here if you share some context. – nohillside Aug 30 '13 at 17:43
  • You won't get much faster than method #2 (home + power button takes < 1 sec.), so I'm with Patrix on this one. What needs to be fast about your process? – Dave Aug 30 '13 at 17:47

The quickest way that i've found is just using the iOS Simulator and then Command ⌘+S, which takes screenshots really quickly.

If you don't want to open Xcode to open the iOS Simulator, here's a useful answer telling you how to open the iOS Simulator directly or create a shortcut (or even from Terminal): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10379622/how-to-run-iphone-emulator-without-starting-xcode


You could use airplay mirroring to an Apple TV or your Mac and take screenshots from those output displays

Edit: Also, just enable photo stream on iPhoto and your phone and it'll automatically upload any screenshots you take with the power and home buttons. I can't think of a faster method than that

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