When I send/share a URL in Safari I want the default outgoing sender to be my gmail and not iCloud address. How do I set that. Also when I'm in a text document and I want to share/email it, the default shows my iCloud email, but I want it to be gmail. I know I can change the outgoing in the e-mail program, but I want it to be the default.

Inside the e-mail program gmail is set as the default outgoing server. The problem arises only when I'm sending/e-mailing/sharing straight from Safari or a document on my MacBook Pro. When the e-mail program comes up the @iCloud account is the default outgoing server.


Assuming you're using OSX 10.8, under Mail > Preferences > Composing, the drop-down menu for "Send new messages from" can be changed from the default "Account of selected mailbox" to the specific account you want (in your case, the Gmail account).

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