I've been reading up on the Lightning cable, and there's been some debate over whether it transmits analog audio. I'm not sure how exactly the 30-pin connector works, or how the Lightning cable works (that electrical engineer stuff is over my head).

I would like to know however if I am able to play audio into my car stereo from the iPhone 5. My car stereo, has a usb port that can connect to my iPhone via the 30-pin port. Does the iPhone 5 (with Lightning cable) have compatibility with these types of devices?

Edit: For those interested, I'm not going to buy a 5; I'm due for an upgrade now, and I'll be getting the new iPhone whenever it's announced. I'd just like to know what the compatibility with my current setup will look like.

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If it works through the regular 30-pin to USB cable, it should work with the Lightning to USB cable as well.

This type of connection is through an all digital interface and I am not aware of any changes to it, when the lightning connector was introduced.

It's a different story, when you have a Y-Cable for your car. This would have a dock-connector on one side and a USB and Headphone-jack on the other.

In this case you will need a Lightning to 30-pin adapter. This would be an analog connection and the adapter would do the conversion from a digital into an analog signal.

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