How do I format a disk partition from the command line on Mac OS X?

In case someone wonders why: because for some people Disk Utility fails.

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    Another reason you might want to do this: you don't have GUI access to the box.
    – Michael
    Dec 28 '12 at 3:09
  • ...or remote desktop is flaky over VPN! Or you want 300G partitions on a 6TB disk. I'm getting annoyed by the constant time machine popups that I'm not interested in, and it won't alllow me to partition all in one go saying the previous volume needs to be mounted. May 1 at 4:30

diskutil list

In my case I wanted to format the parition as NTFS for installing Windows 7 on it. The last parameter is the partition 4 on first disk.

diskutil eraseVolume "Tuxera NTFS" my-ntfs disk0s4


For those of you looking to format an entire disk and remove all partitions here is the command:

diskutil eraseDisk free itsfree /dev/disk6

Even though I am formatting with free space-- I still had to give it a name for the command to work, in this case itsfree.

To list your disks

diskutil list

To securely erase - Needs to have a mounted volume

diskutil secureerase freespace 0 /dev/disk6s2

To list available filesystems

diskutil listFilesystems

Multipe partitions

sudo diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk9 11 GPT \
    JHFS+ one 298.1G \
    JHFS+ two 298.1G \
    JHFS+ three 298.1G \
    JHFS+ four 298.1G \
    JHFS+ five 298.1G \
    JHFS+ six 298.1G \
    JHFS+ seven 298.1G \
    JHFS+ eight 298.1G \
    JHFS+ nine 298.1G \
    JHFS+ ten 298.1G \
    JHFS+ eleven R

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